Why should you save your searches?

Here is the short no kidding answer....If someone was interested enough to walk into your home or office and ask for additional detailed information you would expect them to introduce themselves right? Well This is our office and we are showing you the inside of seller's homes online and providing additional detailed information. We reserve the additional detailed information for clients willing to introduce themselves. We sincerely hope your not offended by that.

Benefits of saving your searches

  • Receive instant notifications of new listings-Active, Pending, Closed

  • Receive "Coming Soon" listings.

  • Hide listing you don't like

  • Search Closed Listings

  • Create and save searches

  • We won't sell your information like Zillow, Trulia and others

  • Save your favorite listings

  • See Documents uploaded by agents

  • Direct access to Don's 37+ years AK Real Estate experience

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Buying or Selling? Get a Free Broker's Opinion of Value

Before you agree to list with anyone you should know what your approximate home value is and what you will walk away with after closing. You also should know what the market is like for buying another home before you make any decision to sell, even if it's a year or so in the future we will help you for free by doing a Broker's Opinion of Evaluation now and again when you are ready.

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